September 9th, 2010



Challenge: It's time again to pick your players for the next True Blood Bingo! Bingo will begin Saturday 18th at 12 PM EST. (Please always make sure to note the time: I am going to try to switch up the Bingo times so people in different time zones/periods can play - this challenge will run all Saturday. This will not always be the case, so pay attention to the information in each challenge!)

Below the cut are a list of many True Blood characters, actors, episodes, etc. What I want you to do is comment with 10 of them. Pick whatever you like.

Starting Saturday 9/18 at 12 PM EST, I will draw 5 random names. Then every 15 minutes, I will draw 5 more. When all 10 of the names you have picked are chosen by me, you cry out BINGO (in a comment, I won't hear you in your apartment ;)

First Bingo: 75 points
Second Bingo: 50 points
Third Bingo: 40 points
Fourth Bingo: 25 points
Fifth Bingo: 20 points
Having a Bingo: 15 points 

(IMPORTANT: This is new! After Bingo ends, you will have three days to link me to your Bingo card if you had a bingo and were not around to call it/were too late in calling it. I will not be checking automatically. If you do not link me to your winning Bingo card by the deadline given, you do not earn extra points for it)

And also, 10 points for just participating! It just doesn't get ANY easier!

Rules/Deadline: Once you submit your 10, you can edit your comment. BUT!! Once I start drawing names, you may no longer edit your comment (you will be disqualified) OR comment with your 10, so do this soon!

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ATTENTION: I've taken out the actors names and the book titles - the Bingo list was getting a bit out of hand ;) All that's left is characters, episodes and places. If I've missed one, let me know! And remember: be diverse with your picks!