August 9th, 2010




Challenge information: Since everyone seemed to like this challenge last round, I've decided to do it again! Those who would like someone to make a tag banner for them can fill out the form below and paste it in a comment so that others can make your banner for you! Please keep in mind that each request can only be filled a maximum of FIVE times and that each banner can be no larger than 300 x 150. You can fill as many requests as you like, but you can only get points for making five banners. Please remember to write your team name in the subject line when you are filling a request.

Points: 5 points per banner you make. You can receive a maximum of 25 points. No points are awarded for requesting a banner.

Due date: Wednesday, August 18th at 11:59 PM EST

Note: None of the banners made for this challenge will count for challenge one. However, you can use these to get +1 points in other challenges.