August 10th, 2009

Challenge 13

First of all, a little bit of business. Shockingly, the last word in "Timebomb" was spoken by Luke. You can guess that no one guessed him, so no one wins points for that.  Next week's challenge will be up later tonight but with a little bit of a change. And now...


Below the cut is a Boggle Board. With Boggle, you need to find (in this case) names that are in the puzzle. The letters must all be connected, and not reused in a word (for example: if the word is here, you cannot use the same e twice - there must be two different e's in the puzzle).

In this Boggle board, there are 10 True Blood characters. Your mission: find them. Either mark them on a graphic or (preferred) just list them for me.
  • 15 points for finding them all 
  • 5 points for participation (not getting them all correct)
  • First Place: 50 points
  • Fifth Place: 40 points
  • Tenth Place: 30 points
  • Fifteenth Place: 20 points
  • Twentieth Place: 10 points
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This challenge will close Saturday August 15th by 11:59 PM EST.