July 30th, 2009

Challenge 8


So I think it's time for another luck game. Only your luck can greatly be helped out by as many of the members of your team participating.

For this challenge, I need everyone to comment here with  your choice: rock, paper or scissors.

Once the deadline is reached (Sunday by 11:59 PM EST), I will randomly assign you to compete against a member of another team. Your choice versus their choice.
  • If you win the match, 10 points to your team. 
  • If you both pick the same thing, no points to either.
  • If one of the two has not submitted a choice, the other team will automatically win, but only wins 5 points.
  • If BOTH have not submitted a choice, no points are given out.
  • If there is an uneven amount of people on each team, anyone excess will not compete (meaning if one team has 17 people on it, and another has 16, the 17th person on the first team won't get a match.) 
  • Just for commenting and picking a choice, you get 5 points.
Understand? It's really fairly simple. Comment with either Rock, Paper or Scissors. Hopefully you all know how this game is played, but just in case you don't, Rock Paper Scissors on Wiki.
Remember, you have until Sunday by 11:59 PM EST to comment.

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Opt Out Post


I am going to leave this post up in case anyone decides they can no longer compete in this competition. I understand life comes up, and I just prefer to know about so I can adjust the teams accordingly.

Please comment here if you are interested in leaving the competition. I hope this isn't the case, but I wanted to give a certain place for people to do this if interested.