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Challenge 9


Challenge: For this challenge, I want you to write an at least 400 word review on the season finale of "True Blood" - any of them are fine, so if you haven't had a chance to see "Evil is Going On" yet you can also do "You'll be the Death of Me" or "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'". Your review must be full sentences, no lists. It must be newly done for this challenge, so no copy and pasting what you wrote previously in your journal. You can focus on whatever you want within the episode as long as you are talking about that episode. So talking about how Eric  kicked ass in this year's finale is great, but talking about how Eric kicked ass last season is not (of course, passing mentions are OK, but your main focus should be on the episode. 

Note: If your review is too long to fit into comment you can either break it up into more than one, or you can post it in your journal and then post a link to the review here (just make sure it is unlocked)

Points: 20 points 

Deadline: You have until 11:59 PM EST Monday September 20th
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Ask them here.
We're just writing it, right? No scoring or voting or anything?
Just writing is fine - if you want to personally score it, that's cool :)
What I meant was after we submit it there's no "VOTE FOR THE BEST AND THEY GET 10 EXTRA POINTS" type of thing.
Oh! Gotcha. Nope, none of that!
Just curious. What's gonna happen with all the reviews later? Are they gonna be published after deadline so that everyone can read them?

I'm writing my review right now but I already have 1000 words and I'm not even done yet. Is there a limit?
There's no limit. I'll be unscreening your comments/reviews when it's done, but if you really don't want me to, just let me know in the comment.
Team Fangtasia please submit your reviews here.
I have posted my review in my journal. I hope I've done it right. This is my way of writing reviews XD

Team Lou Pine's please submit your reviews here.
We start out the episode at Fangtasia with Bill and Sookie. Bill had just fed Sookie his blood after she had been drained by Eric and Russell (end of previous episode). Sookie finds out that Eric is outside killing himself to kill Russell and hurries out to try to bring him inside out of the sun.

She gets out and finds the silver handcuffs attaching Eric to Russell. Unsure how to get them apart Russell tells her to use her powers, but Sookie has no clue how to activate them. Some screaming and cursing ensues and Sookie uses her powers to separate the two and drags Eric to safety. Inside she feeds Eric some blood to bring him to full health quickly.

The plot continues when they save Russell because Eric feels the "true death" is too kind for Russell. Alcide shows up to "finish paying his families debt" to Eric by helping him transport Russell to a construction site where Eric buries Russell in concrete.

Bill tricks Eric and also buries him in concrete and goes back to Sookie but Eric happens to show up (with the help of Pam, as we late find out) and let's Sookie in on the secret that Bill was actually sent to Bon Temps to find/have a relationship with Sookie for the Queen.

Other side plots include Sam shooting his own brother, which was shocking and sad. Tara in need of change, cutting off her hair and what I am assuming leaving Bon Temps for the time being. Jason losing his girlfriend but gaining a whole load of "dependents" by agreeing to help her family of inbreed were-panthers. Jessica and Hoyt getting ready to move in together despite his mother and exgirlfriends attempt at an "intervention".

Overall the episode was interesting, although I think the fact that the last two episodes had no Debbie was weird, she certainly doesn't seem like the "bide her time" type of character and you'd think she'd be desperate for some revenge after the death of her Cooter and the new "Joker" resemblance Sookie provide her the last time we saw dear Debbie. I'm sure she'll reappear next season but the lack of her character seemed unnatural considering her hotheaded nature.

I have to say I enjoyed seeing a slightly malicious Sookie during the slumber of the vampires (Russell not included). I certainly cannot blame her for being disgusted by the fact that Russell felt that with her blood her could bring back his lover Talbot, and in such she disposed of his remains down the garbage disposal.

The biggest disappointment for me was the not so suspenseful cliffhanger which was when Sookie "went off with" Claudine. I mean, sure I want to see the Fae's land, but really it's not something to make me want to come back for more...

The season 3 finale of True Blood. Hmm… Kind of a hot mess interspersed with moments of, not brilliance, exactly, but at least something that will keep me along for the ride at least a little longer. (On the bright side, I do still have some vid ideas that, with the addition of Alcide to the mix of Sookie’s men, should work out quite well.)

Most of the episode had me head-tilting to a greater or lesser degree. Especially Eric and Godric’s scenes together. I’d been hoping for flashback scenes ala season 2, but what the frak was that? Hallucinations I could understand, given that Eric was burning from the sun pretty badly, but what we got was about as compelling as the Fairy scenes (another plot point that had me yelling WTF? at the TV).

Now that I’ve had a few days to process, although the Eric/Godric hallucinations still hit some kind of embarrassment (for Eric) squick factor I didn’t know I had, they work a little better for me storywise. Even so, those scenes and the times that Eric referred to the hallucinations as gospel coming from his Maker, struck me as ASkars doing the best he could with a script that seemed to be at odds with the backstory we’d already been given.

The Fairy storyline, though, just makes me want to hurl things at my screen. Between Godric as Angel and Sookie traipsing to the Fairy lands that are all sweetness and light and something out of, I dunno, Greek mythology or something, this episode was definitely not my favorite.

And OMG what the frak is up with Sam’s backstory??? Did they really have to make him a murderer and bring him down to the level most of the other characters? Oy.

But let’s look at what worked for me in the episode. I loved that Tara made a conscious decision to become a “new person.” In some ways, the scene where she cut her hair reminded me of Kara Thrace in BSG making a conscious decision to not let what had happened to her rule her life anymore. Tara was awesome in season 1 but she became so broken in season 2 that I was afraid that break in her psyche would become permanent. Now, again, I have hope and that’s part of what will bring me back for season 4.

I also loved the interplay between Sookie and Russell and her whole attitude toward the vampires. That was kinda made of win. And the scene at the end, between Sookie, Eric, and Bill was awesome. All three actors really sold it. That scene alone might have brought me back next year.

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Hey, your review is way too short - it needs to be at least 400 words. I'll be closing this challenge in a few hours if you can fix it by then.
Sorry I used a different word counter, it must have counted letters???

I used this for this one http://www.wordcounttool.com/

"Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" is an episode that creates mixed feelings. A lot of people hated it but loved the ending. I am the opposite, I loved the episode but hated the ending.

Sookie, Bill, Eric, Jason (and Jessica) have all returned from wrapping up the Fellowship of the Sun issues and return to Bon Temps (at various different times cuz vampires and all) to discover the city has quite frankly turned to shit and they are wrapped up in trying to save the day.

Maryann, unrestrained, has influenced the entire city and brought them under her thrall. Black eyes adorn every citizen of Bon Temps. It's absolutely marvelous. The episode begins with Sookie captured. Being immune to her abilities, Sookie is forced into bring a bridesmaid (at least the dresses aren't hot pink Sookie).

The episode is Maryann's attempt to reunite with Dionysus via a Sam sacrifice. Sookie is there to help as she is the only one with free will. The reception is beautiful and Sookie takes every chance to mock the ceremony ("IS THAT AN EGG, DID YOU LAY IT?) but she will not ruin Maryann's wedding.

Sookie stabs Sam and Maryann can begin the ceremony. It's a beautiful moment. This is sadly where the episode turns to shit. Sam and Beel have made a plan and Maryann is about to be voted off the island. The ceremony that was to help her is used to hurt her. She is tricked into becoming the vessel and has her heart ripped out and crushed.

What horrors! For a show that features the love affair between a woman and vampires/werewolves/shapeshifters (I still believe), apparently the love between a maenad and a God is bad. Maryann who is chaotic neutral is murdered. What's the life of one shapeshifter to a maenad and a God?

The show did not NEED to do it that way as the books did not kill Calisto, the way the show did NOT kill Lafayette. The show is strange with the way it likes to drum some things up and then dial others down. Why kill Maryann when the books gave a damn good way to be rid of her, tribute? She would have been an interesting recurring villain and she could have easily help if swung to their side (see how neutral Calisto was). Compare to Hexadecimal on Reboot, who once courted never attacked again. Maryann just needed love.
Team Fangtasia please submit your reviews here.

I felt cheated. Yes Bill is out of the picture for now and Eric was saved, but that was the worst cliffhanger. Alan Ball left us questions instead of tying up loose ends which past finales have done. It just added more to the mess that he has created. He should have gone all the way with the Russell and Eric story line. I was expecting a big shootout by these guys. I was hyped for nothing. Russell’s event on camera at least should spill out more into the world. I expected to see more vampire hate in the back ground, not just graffiti and Flanagan/Newlin bitch fights. That would have excited me more than the story lines I am about to talk about.

I am going to start off with Sam. Sam’s past has been brought to light in the worst way. If attacking a man causes this much of an uproar, then I personally think that Alan Ball has not studied men who have changed their ways. I know men who have; giving someone an ass beating when they deserved it does not make them change their whole outlook on life. They rationalize it as being vigilantes, in my honest opinion is shit, but they go back to being happy go lucky. If he has killed Tommy, then I don’t see how his character will get better anytime soon and I believe he is going to waste our time next season.

Jessica and Hoyt are next on my list. I personally think they are moving way too fast. I foresee more fights over small things along with her getting shot at by his mother. She hasn’t fully grown up yet and Hoyt will never grow up. On top of that I am creeped out by the baby doll Summer had left in the new house of theirs. Personally I find this story line annoying. I read the books and I find that many other plots could have been better than this, even though Misses Woll is beyond beautiful.

I love Tara, but this season was horrible for her. I am worried about her for the next season. I loved that her hair is shorter and she is trying to find happiness, but it seems that she can’t stay out of trouble. I hope to see her again as strong willed Tara.

All of these story lines should cease in my honest opinion.
Psst - your comment says "Team Fangtasia" on this one too.

Review is here at my comm.

True Blood's much-anticipated Season 3 finale, “Evil Is Going On”, has aired, ending a season that has garnered mixed reviews from fans and professional critics alike. This episode is likely to do the same, as it features the same elements that have drawn criticism all season. There is the same large cast of characters and their many disparate story lines, which can be difficult to follow all at once and give short shrift to the viewers' favorites. (Whose story, exactly, is being short-shrifted depends upon the viewer.) This episode also features some well-known characters acting so out of, well, character, even given the extreme situations they find themselves in, that it distracts from the plot. (Sookie may be many things, but she's not sadistic. Yet there can be no other word for how much pleasure she takes in destroying Talbot's remains in front of Russell.)

There are also some cheesy special effects that will doubtless make some fans cringe. (Such as Scotty--er, Sookie--being “beamed up” by alien light in the final scene, or Bill and Queen Sophie-Anne facing off with mid-air Matrix-style moves that were clichéd ten years ago.

Despite all this, there is some darned good storytelling going on underneath the surface, even if it takes a few viewings to find it.

The aforementioned disparate story lines may not be so disparate after all, at least when it comes to where they have left their characters at the end of this episode. Take the stories of Sookie, Jason, Tara, and Sam, for example.

To recap, each character has been off doing their own thing this season, only occasionally crossing paths. Sookie has been bouncing back and forth between Bill, Eric and Alcide like a ping-pong ball. Jason realized that he can have the guts (literally) and the glory by becoming a cop, but get involves with a troubled woman whose family is a threat to him and his budding career. Tara is kidnapped by a psycho vampire and once free has to deal with her grief for Eggs as well as the trauma of what she just went through. Sam discovers his birth family and devolves into a very dark place.

In the finale, Sookie renounces Bill, Eric, and every other vampire, accepts Claudine the Fairy's invitation to go away with her, and is “beamed up” (there really is no other word for it) by what we are lead to believe is an alien ship bound for some sort of Fairyland. Despite being slightly ridiculous, this is a dramatic departure for a main character.

Jason, too, finds himself in circumstances that are a complete departure from his life up until this point. Having warned the citizens of Hotshot about an impending drug raid, he finds himself charged with taking care of them, indefinitely, by his departing love Crystal, a charge he takes on willingly. Quite a change for the guy who could barely take care of himself when the show started!

Tara and Sam, having hooked up in the episode prior to this one, have a meaningful discussion about departures, which sets the tone for this entire episode. Tara express a desire to “reboot and live a completely new life.” Sam points out that it's really not that hard, and every time your past threatens your new life, you just move on again. Tara takes this advice to heart and the last we see of her is the back of her car, leaving Bon Temps.

And Sam? His departure is less literal, but no less dramatic. In an agonizing cliffhanger, it appears that Sam has shot his brother Tommy in cold blood—-perhaps the final nail in the coffin (as it were) of Sam Merlotte, beloved, mild-mannered owner of Merlotte's. If he's really done this thing, can an actual departure, as we have learned is his habit, be far behind?

This theme of life-changing departures is one of the things that unites these various story lines that on the surface have little to do with each other. It gives hope that the show's creator has not lost has way, as some critics have charged.

Season Four will tell.